Swedish Massage

Swedish, also called the “classic” type of massage, is the most common modality taught and offered in the U.S. today. It is the basis of all other massage techniques used today.

There are four primary categories of touch that are used during a Swedish massage. These include:

· Stroking – effleurage
· Kneading – petrissage
· Friction
· Vibration or shaking – tapotement

Our therapists use massage lotion or oil to help reduce the friction between their hands and your skin. Sometimes, we combine aromatherapy along with our Swedish massage services. Generally speaking, the purpose of a Swedish massage is to help induce relaxation, improve joint mobility, and stimulate the circulation of blood and lymph. Even though Swedish Massage has several uses, we recommend that you incorporate this in your stress management program. A Swedish Massage is geared toward all people and all age groups.

​Specific Benefits Offered by Swedish Massage

When you have a Swedish massage, you will find it can be beneficial for healing injuries, reducing swelling, and helping with the breakdown of scar tissue or adhesions. It’s effective for helping to reduce chronic pain in the neck or back along with pain caused by knee osteoarthritis. Researchers have also discovered that Swedish massage can help reduce blood pressure and the physical signs of anxiety.
Because of the positive effects of massage, we often use this as a wellness tool to help in maintaining a high level of emotional and physical health. When you schedule a regular Swedish massage with our team, you can feel confident that your muscles will remain balanced and supple to help you feel and look great, while maintaining a high level of health and wellness.

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